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Welcome to the Pickering home inspector section. Bateman Inspections is ready to complete your detailed home inspection in Pickering and the surrounding communities for you.  Bateman Inspections can answer all of your home inspection questions, including any questions you may have as a result of a home inspection completed by another Pickering Home Inspector.
I am a home inspector certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the world's most elite, non-profit inspection association.  It is my goal to offer the best and most complete home inspection in the Pickering area.


The history of Pickering (from Wikipedia.org):



Early period
This was Aboriginal territory for thousands of years. The Wyandot (called the Huron by Europeans), who spoke an Iroquoian language, were the historic people living here in the 15th century. Archeological remains of a large village, known as the Draper Site, have been found here. Later the Wyandot moved west to Georgian Bay, where they encountered French explorers in the early 17th century.
The first recorded history of this area was in 1669, when the French Jesuit missionary M. Fenelon noted reaching what he called the Seneca village of Gandatsetiagon, on the shores of Frenchman's Bay. He wintered here, and started missionary work with this Iroquois people.
European settlement
The British took over Canada following their defeat of the French in the Seven Years War, known in the North American front as the French and Indian War. Surveying of the township was probably completed by ethnic British settlers about 1776, who had been migrating from eastern areas of Canada.
In the 1813 census, Pickering had 180 residents —40 more than neighbouring Scarborough. A large influx of Quaker migrants from the eastern United States arrived in the early 1810s.[4] The main thrufare at this time was the Kingston Road, which cut through the south of the township on its way from York (now Toronto) to Kingston.
Pickering was represented in the Mackenzie Rebellion of 1837. One of the leaders, Peter Matthews, had formerly been one of the most prominent members of the community.[5]
Twentieth century
In 1941, the southeastern portion of the township became the independent town of Ajax. This has caused confusion, as one of the population centers of the original township, Pickering Village, is now found in Ajax, along with its eponymous secondary school.
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